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%[findByCityAndCategory](3) ~[greet?] ~[botName?] ~[please?] ~[find?] ~[restaurants?] ~[nearby] @[city] ~[greet] hey hi hello greetings ~[botName] Pia ~[please] please pls ~[find] find search lookup ~[nearby] close to in the area of within located at nearby ~[restaurants] restaurants places to eat where to eat ~[newYork] new york ~[city?] ny ~[city?] ~[sanFrancisco] san francisco san francisco city ~[atlanta] atlanta atlanta city ~[city] city @[city] ~[newYork] ~[sanFrancisco] ~[atlanta]
Correct syntax!
Dataset generated!

If you need custom options for rasa or snips (like regex or custon entities), use the npm package with formatOptions argument.